Employee Benefits That Make Sense

Critical Illness Coverage

Pays a lump sum benefit to the employee upon the diagnosis of a covered illness. Employees can choose a benefit amount for their policy anywhere between $5,000 and $75,000 depending on their budget and needs. Upon diagnosis of a covered illness the employee will directly receive the benefit amount that they chose for their policy in one lump sum which can be used for any purpose including, but not limited to, medical expenses, loss of wages, and even to help fund experimental treatments. Pays regardless of what is or isn't covered by an employee's health insurance or other coverages.

Pays Upon Diagnosis Of A Covered Event Such As:

Invasive Cancer

Heart Attack (Myocardial Infarction)


End-Stage Renal (Kidney) Failure

Major Organ Failure

Other Benefits Payable For Covered Events Such As:

Coronary Artery Disease

Carcinoma In Situ

Subsequent Diagnosis

*Speak To A Licensed Representative For Full Coverage Explanation, Limitations, and Definitions

On/Off Job Coverage Available

Employees can be covered both on and off the job, so no matter where an unexpected event might occur we've got your employees covered! (Literally)

Family Coverage Available

Employees can cover just themselves or their entire family! They can choose between single, single+spouse, single+children, or family coverage! How's that for options!

Coverage is Portable

Whether an employee quits, is terminated, or simply retires they can take their coverage with them without a change in price or coverage! Very unique for workplace benefits. How amazing is that!