Employee Benefits That Make Sense

Health Insurance Coverage

Health insurance is a major topic of discussion in today's ever-changing environment. We partner with the top health insurance carrier in the United States to offer employees what they deserve most--quality and affordable health insurance coverage. Even if you already offer health insurance to your employees we can help! You don't need to be in your open enrollment period to benefit from our services. Our agency never charges any fees for our services, and using us as your health insurance representative doesn't change your employee's current plans--even if you're in the middle of your plan year.

Benefits Of Switching To Our Agency:

No Added Fees For Our Services

Personal Customer Service and 24/7 Support

Available Plan Analysis To Find Better Options For You And Your Employees

No Disruption Of Current Plans

*Speak To A Licensed Representative For Full Coverage Explanation, Limitations, and Definitions.

On/Off Job Coverage Available

Employees can be covered both on and off the job, so no matter where an unexpected event might occur we've got your employees covered! (Literally)

Family Coverage Available

Employees can cover just themselves or their entire family! They can choose between single, single+spouse, single+children, or family coverage! How's that for options!

Endless Plan Options

Whether you're a small or large business we have several plan options available. Choose the plan that's best for you and your employees with an in-depth analysis by one of our licensed representatives.