Employee Benefits That Make Sense

Dental And Vision Coverage

Arguably the best dental and vision program in New York State in both price and coverage. Prices do not increase unless the employee changes their coverage, unlike typical dental and vision programs which increase every 12 or 18 months. With our dental coverage employees enjoy a high annual max per person per year at $2,000 for our in-network plan and $1500 for our out-of-network plan. Other dental plans typically only allow between $900 and $1100 per person per year on average.

Percentages Paid For Covered Dental Incidents:

Preventative Services (Cleanings, Bitewing X-rays, etc.) 100%

Basic Services (Fillings, Simple Extractions, etc.) 80%

Major Services (Oral Surgery, Crowns, Bridges, etc.) 50%

Vision Plan Highlights:

$10 Eye Exam Co-pay For In Network Providers

$25 Co-pay For Materials

Frames+ Lenses Every 12 Months

*Speak To A Licensed Representative For Full Coverage Explanation, Limitations, and Definitions. Vision Is A Rider Plan And Cannot Be Purchased Separately From Dental

On/Off Job Coverage Available

Employees can be covered both on and off the job, so no matter where an unexpected event might occur we've got your employees covered! (Literally)

Family Coverage Available

Employees can cover just themselves or their entire family! They can choose between single, single+spouse, single+children, or family coverage! How's that for options!

Coverage is Portable

Whether an employee quits, is terminated, or simply retires they can take their coverage with them without a change in price or coverage! Very unique for workplace benefits. How amazing is that!