Employee Benefits That Make Sense

Life Insurance Coverage

We offer both whole life and term life insurance coverage. Whole Life insurance can be used as an investment which builds a cash value. It can also be used for final expense coverage. Term Life insurance protects an employee's family for a defined period of time in case of an untimely death. Employees can leave a lump sum to their loved ones which can be used to cover debts such as unpaid medical expenses, a mortgage, personal or business debt, student loans, etc. It can also be used as income replacement to provide for surviving family members.

Benefits Of Whole Life Insurance Coverage:

Endows At Age 100

Builds A Cash Value

Premiums Do Not Increase

Benefits Do Not Decrease

Can Be Used As An Investment Or Final Expense Coverage

Benefits Of Term Life Insurance Coverage:

Covers The Employee For A Defined Period Of Time

Premiums Do Not Increase During Term Period

Benefit Does Not Decrease During Term Period

Can Be Used As Income Replacement or Outstanding Debt Payoff

*Speak To A Licensed Representative For Full Coverage Explanation, Limitations, and Definitions.

On/Off Job Coverage Available

Employees can be covered both on and off the job, so no matter where an unexpected event might occur we've got your employees covered! (Literally)

Family Coverage Available

Employees can cover just themselves or their entire family! They can choose between single, single+spouse, single+children, or family coverage! How's that for options!

Coverage is Portable

Whether an employee quits, is terminated, or simply retires they can take their coverage with them without a change in price or coverage! Very unique for workplace benefits. How amazing is that!